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'Ellie' by Mike Wu

You know I had to incorporate my son's first finger painting (from 6 months old!) when talking to you guys about "Ellie" by Mike Wu.

"Ellie" is the story of Ellie the elephant who upon hearing that her home, the zoo, would be closing devises a plan with her friends to save it. Feeling talent-less and unable to help, Ellie picks up the zookeeper's paintbrush in a last ditch effort to lend a hand and voilà, an artist is born. Word spread of Ellie's talents and soon her paintings become the zoo's main attraction. It's a sweet and beautifully done story perfect for the little artist in your life.

There are so many books to choose from at the bookstore that I always find myself yearning to take them all home, but alas we must only pick a few. I chose this one not only because we enjoy encouraging art in my son's life, but also because my childhood dog's name was Ellie! It's a little reminder of her every time we read it which makes me love this book just a little bit more.

How do you pick and choose your cherished books?

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