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What a Wonderful World

🎤 I see trees of green. Red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself... What a wonderful world. 🎤

"What a Wonderful World" Illustrated by Tim Hopgood based on the song by Bob Thiele & David Weiss is STUNNING. My first thought after reading this book was whether or not I should buy another copy to rip all the pages out, frame them, and make a gorgeous gallery wall on a blank wall in my son's room... It's that pretty. I just get all warm and fuzzy singing such a sweet song to my son and the bright pictures that go along with the lyrics will really hold your child's attention.

Singing to your baby has a ton of benefits including language development, bonding, and sharing the LOVE that is felt in the lyrics. What a Wonderful World wouldn't be the first song that comes to mind when I think nursery rhyme but it is such a fantastic one. After the illustrator's daughter gave him a copy of a recording of the song, he instantly knew he wanted to capture its timeless optimism and joy in a picture book. I think he's done it. My best memory of this book will always be that every time we get to the page with horses on it, my son runs over and climbs onto his rocking horse. It fills my heart up so much!

Do you have any sing-a-long books that you and your babies adore? I'd love to hear. Let me know in the comments below!

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