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"Everyone Poops" by Tarō Gomi

Who else is gearing up for potty training?🙋🏼 We have a few books to introduce our little one to the potty, but so far "Everyone Poops" by the accomplished Japanese author Tarō Gomi is our favorite. I have to admit when I first bought this book over a decade ago it was as a gag gift. Little did I know it would one day be amongst my son's favorite books and that I would equally adore it for its normalization of a certain bodily function. Everyone eats so everyone poops. Bugs, elephants, and even babies poop.

One of the tips I recently read on potty training said to not talk about dirty diapers as being icky, not to comment on the smell, but to treat it as something completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. I think that's great advice and precisely what this book accomplishes.

What are your favorite tips for potty training? I'd love to hear. Let us know on Facebook!

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