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eeboo Create a Story Cards

Create a Story Cards are a fun way to add an endless supply of new stories to your home. This set, Mystery in the Forest, includes 36 whimsical and enchanting cards. There are instructions included in the set that explain the different ways you and your child or children can collaborate on telling stories with these cards. My son happens to be too young for making up his own stories, so I have him pick out a bunch of cards and then I tell him a story using the cards that he selected.

These cards note that "literacy encompasses all of the ways we communicate. Storytelling builds literacy skills of sequencing, vocabulary development, narrative and comprehension." There is a warning that they should not be given to children under 3 due to small parts. They are slightly larger than a standard deck of cards.

Create a Story Cards are a great way to spice up story time and are the perfect rainy day activity.

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