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'There Is a Tribe of Kids' by Lane Smith

A smack of jellyfish, a formation of rocks, a parade of elephants, a crash of rhinos, a growth of plants, in "There Is a Tribe of Kids" by Lane Smith we learn that groupings in nature are called many different things. This gorgeously illustrated book begins with a boy amongst a tribe of kids that is not his tribe, but is actually a group of baby goats (kids). We follow on his adventure through many different groups until he reaches his rightful tribe of kids (children). I learned a few new things myself reading this one. It reminded me of a game we played at my baby shower where we had to name what different species call their babies. I failed pretty miserably at that one too! Though we love the concept of this book, it is also a work of art. The short phrases are perfect for the younger set who have wandering thoughts and legs! This is an especially great book for a large or growing family!

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