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'Time For Bed' by Mem Fox and Jane Dyer

"Time for Bed" by Mem Fox is a soothing nighttime story depicting a variety of sleepy-eyed baby animals getting tucked in by their parent, ending with a child being put to bed. The rhythmic rhyming couplets that all begin with "It's time for bed" boast a hypnotic repetition. Life-like illustrations by Jane Dyer may have your child attempting to pet the fluffy pups or deer. It is such a sweet story to cuddle up to right before bed. It's often our pick for the last story of the night.

This book was given to us by a mother whose son recently started college. Originally published in 1993, "Time for Bed" was a story time favorite of theirs when he was growing up. As soon as we read it once, it instantly became a favorite of my son's as well. We are so grateful for this sweet gift that she shared with us. Other mothers are an incredible wealth of knowledge.

What is the best parenting advice another mom or dad has given you?

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