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'Because I'm Your Dad' by Ahmet Zappa and Dan Santat

This book is creepy. Creepy in a good way. Creepy in a somehow-a-total-stranger-wrote-a-book-from-inside-dad's-head type of way.

"Because I'm Your Dad" written by Ahmet Zappa takes us through some of the ways a dad's love can be a little bit different but uniquely amazing. If the sad in your life might want to give his child French toast for dinner, play music a little too loud, let them miss school for an awesome experience, and will always, always be there for them, then this book is definitely for him.

The illustrations by Dan Santat are vivid and imaginative. You may know his name from another popular book of his by the name of 'Beekle.' Although the adult monster is clearly dad, the child monster is not gender specific so it can work for the parent of a little boy or girl.

This book makes a wonderful Father's Day gift. It is great for a number of dads including single dads, divorced or separated dads, or dads that travel frequently for work too because it notes that no matter the distance, this dad will always be there and will miss the child when he is away. The end brings grandpa into the mix too as the dad explains where he learned to be so loving.

We bought this one without reading it through. Prior to reading it, we somehow started talking about our son's Halloween costume for this year. Moments later, as we read this book for the first time laughing about how much it was him to a t, we turn to the page where the dad monster says he will always make sure the child monster has the best Halloween costumes.... And the Dad monster in the book is wearing what we were just discussing having our child be as his costume. 😱😂 Eerie!

This is a must have for all the fun dads.

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