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'Ninja Baby' by David Zeltser

"Ninja Baby" is the story of a little girl named Nina who is not your average baby. She is a ninja baby. Her independence and confidence is hysterical and parents will laugh out loud at her ability to escape her crib, detect the tastiest foods, and her desire to do everything all by herself.

Things are going just as Nina wants until her parents bring home a Kung Fu Master- a little brother. Nina can not fathom how this Kung Fu Master is able to captivate her parents. She is not happy about it- until she realizes that together, a Ninja Baby and Kung Fu Master are unstoppable. Or are they?

This is the perfect book for a child who is about to become a big sibling. It would make an excellent baby shower, or sprinkle, gift for a mom expecting her second child. Books are always great conversation starters and this one is a wonderful introduction to how awesome being a big sister or big brother can really be for a child.

We had the opportunity to ask the author of "Ninja Baby" some questions. See our Interview with David Zeltser, and learn more about his forthcoming picture books.

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