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'I See Me' by Baby Einstein and Nadeem Zaidi

I See Me! Baby Einstein

This is the only book (so far) that we've HAD to record a video of being read.

Recommended for babies starting at 9 months, "I See Me!" is a fun, interactive book that will bring out the proud mama, or papa, or gma, etc in you as you are blown away by your child following directions, mimicking the babies in the book, and mastering everyday tasks as they watch themselves in the mirror that is on every page of the book. I for one had to capture it on camera and send to everyone I've ever known... or met briefly😬. Okay so I'm exaggerating (slightly) but this book is near and dear to my heart for the way it made it burst the first time my child washed his hair like baby, fed himself like baby, and played peekaboo like baby.

It's a simple, short board book that we adore and hope you will too.

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