'Fortune Cookies' by Albert Bitterman and Chris Raschka

"Fortune Cookies" by Albert Bitterman and Chris Raschka tells the story of a little girl who receives a box of seven fortune cookies, one for each day of the week. As the days pass her fortunes continue to come true, but not in the way you might expect.

This book reminded me of the quote, "Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." That type of message can help us search for or at least wait to discover the silver lining during some of life's hard experiences, like losing a tooth or a pet cat.

In addition to being a wonderful story about a little girl who discovers a way to keep her good fortune with her always, "Fortune Cookies" is also a wonderful tool for teaching the days of the week.

The realistic fortunes that are pulled from inside the cookies are fun for young readers, but if your child is known to tear pages the tabs could easily be ripped off. The pages are also a thicker stock which is also great for a younger audience, while the lesson and fortunes appeal to all ages.

This one is sure to be a fun short, read for your lucky family!

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