'Little Bear and the Butterflies' by Susan Quinn and Caroline Pedler

The perfect nap-time story. "Little Bear and the Butterflies" written by Susan Quinn and illustrated by Caroline Pedler takes us on a journey in search of Bluebell Meadow.

Mommy Bear tells Little Bear about Bluebell Meadow, her favorite place for chasing butterflies when she was little. Little Bear wants to go, but it's her nap time. Suddenly, a butterfly tickles her nose and Little Bear jumps at the chance to follow it to Bluebell Meadow. We meet some friends along the way and the hunt for Bluebell Meadow quickly becomes the best day ever for Little Bear, Mouse, and Rabbit. They want to stay forever. Suddenly, Mommy Bear calls for Little Bear to wake up. Could it all have been a dream?

This adorable story of childlike wonder mixed with the magic of dreams make this tale a real winner. The illustrations are as sweet as the text and will have your little one dreaming sweet dreams of their own.

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