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A Letter to My Baby on His Second Birthday

To My Two Year Old,

You amaze me constantly. I’ve loved getting to know your likes and dislikes this past year. Currently, you love chasing Sam, playing with your cars, airplanes, and trucks, trying to catch butterflies, the vacuum, splashing around in the rain, all sorts of insects and animals, story time, and sweets.

Sails, Rails, and Wings

Chasing Butterflies

Your smile lights up the room. Strangers stop me to tell me to get you in commercials. When I brought you to my company's Christmas party, my boss even volunteered to be your agent. You’re so, so good. When it’s time to get in the car you grab as many random things as you can carry to bring with you for the ride. I get a kick out of seeing what you pick.

It usually takes you a little while to warm up to new people and places but once you do, you absolutely love new experiences. You’re a cautious child, which is wonderful because when you do fall, it’s often headfirst. Your Uncle Dave was the same way. I can see you playing football like him because you throw your arm up like a running back to block Sam as you try to run away with his treats. You’re pretty good at it and it makes me laugh every time. You have luxurious hair just like your Aunt Tiffany. You’re very thoughtful and a little artist like Mormor.

You are laid back and love pizza like Grandpa K. You like to examine things thoroughly like Grandpa C. You make the same exact facial expressions as Daddy. You two are so much alike. You picked up my dance moves, though (sorry.)

You’re an observer. You love other kids and you are very giving… especially when it comes to Sam! Your favorite songs are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Gymbo the Clown,” which are basically the same song with different lyrics. You also really love listening to Daddy’s soundcloud, your jazz CD, and your Bob Dylan book. You hum and sing songs all the time, especially in the car.

This year, you woke up from your sleep the night before my 30th birthday. When I went in to lie down next to you, you fell back to sleep instantly- a very rare occurrence. Daddy walked in and whispered to me that you were just saying happy birthday. As I looked over at the clock, I realized that it was just after midnight. You do things like that. And I’m convinced you know you’re doing them. You’ll always be magic to me. I love you more than words can express and will forever and ever. I’m so blessed to be your mommy.

Happy 2nd Birthday.

"[He] blew a kiss, it missed my face, and drifted into outer space and kissed the sun, and made it smile, now it’s been bright for quite a while." -Dallas Clayton

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