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'Sing' by Joe Raposo and Tom Lichtenheld

Sing, Sing a song

Sing out loud, Sing out strong...

'Sing' by Joe Raposo and Tom Lichtenheld

Tom Lichtenheld tells the visual story of the timeless Seasame Street song written by Joe Raposo in "Sing." The book begins with just pictures showing a group of birds singing, all but one bird. He tries but he cannot. As he begins to feel discouraged, he receives some musical assistance from a singing child below. As the lyrics encourage the bird, it finds its voice.

The illustrator does a brilliant job translating the valuable meaning behind the song into pictures. They're bright, simple, and easy to follow.

This story of being brave, being yourself, and finding that beautiful, unique song within you is perfect for a new baby's growing library collection.

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