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'The Bear's Song' by Benjamin Chaud

"Adventure is best enjoyed together."

'The Bear's Song' by Benjamin Chaud

"The Bear's Song" by Benjamin Chaud is a magnificently detailed hide and seek book that pairs a sweet story with whimsical illustrations. Papa Bear is getting ready for hibernation while Little Bear is getting distracted by a buzzing. He sets off to follow the bee and Papa Bear sets off to find Little Bear. We follow Little Bear through the forest and into the city where he winds up at an Opera House. Papa Bear comically becomes the star of the show and in the end the two are reunited with a treat to last them all winter long. Each over sized page is filled with a ton of detail, making it a challenge to spot Little Bear hiding on every page. This book is part of a series and there is even a Bear's Song matching game available.

We love this book because our little toddler is constantly outside chasing the butterflies and bees around the yard so he really loves finding the bee in this book, more so than the bear I think! This series is a must have for your child's growing library.

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