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'You and Me and the Wishing Tree' by Nancy Tillman

You and Me and the Wishing Tree by Nancy Tillman

I recently gave Nancy Tillman's latest, 'You and Me and the Wishing Tree' away as a gift to a friend and, let me tell you, letting this book go was HARD! I will definitely be heading back to the store to pick up another copy for us, it is SO, SO sweet.

This story is a lovely tribute to a child's imagination and how it can take us to enchanting places. In it, a mother and little boy wake up to an orange wishing tree outside their window. Mom keeps her wish to herself but her son eagerly makes wish after wish all day long. Every wish comes true until the day is over and the little boy is so tired he is wishing to be back in bed. As she lays him down to sleep, we finally learn what the mother's wish was... and it is absolutely perfect. Don't miss the sweet poem that teaching you how to find your own wishing tree in the back of the book! My two year old's imagination has recently exploded and it is hilarious! If you too have an imaginative little one in your life, you NEED a copy of this book.

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