'Digger Dog' by William Bee and Cecilia Johansson

The ground is much too hard and the bone too deep for Digger Dog to reach alone, so he does what any smart dog would do... Gets the help of a digger. When he still can't reach the bone that he caught a scent of, he gets bigger and bigger diggers until he gets help from the biggest digger in the world! This helps him dig up the biggest bone in the world! And what do you think that bone could belong to? 'Digger Dog' by William Bee and Cecilia Johansson includes a pretty stellar trifecta of elements: dogs, diggers, and dinosaurs. The diggers get bigger and bigger as the book progresses, great for teaching the difference between big and small. I also like how each digger is a different color for young kids to identify. What really sets this book apart and makes it so appealing to both child and adult are the awesome fold outs. The biggest digger in the world couldn't possibly fit on one page, and neither could the biggest bone for that matter. This book was love at first read!

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