'Go, Dog. Go!' By P.D. Eastman

Has anyone else read the butterfly bush story by Joanna Gaines ? It's one of my favorites so I'll sum it up for you in case you haven't. Five years ago Joanna planted a butterfly bush outside her daughter's bedroom. She planted it so that one day her daughter would be able to enjoy watching the butterflies outside yet, overtime, Joanna had forgotten all about it. Until one day she noticed her daughter captivated by what was outside of the window. Her daughter excitedly showed her mother the hummingbird that visited her each day along with the butterflies. Joanna noted how this story was the perfect metaphor for parenting. That we plant seeds and hope that they blossom into something and we may even forget about them or not realize what we're doing counts until our love and lessons emerge over time.

'Go, Dog. Go!' By P.D. Eastman is one of my butterfly bushes. We read this book all the time when my son was an infant. He loves cars and dogs so it was perfect for us. It's less of a great story and more of a wonderful learning tool that teaches up, down, in, out, fast, slow and much, much more. I know it's pretty developmentally appropriate at this age but my two year old has recently gotten so good at his understanding and use of prepositions that I can't help but think this book has something to do with it! He can even read bits of it all by himself. It's one of the Beginner Books that are great for early readers. This classic is must-have for your kid's bookshelf!

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