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Mr.Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Peer pressure can be a really tough thing for kids. That's why we love "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild" by Peter Brown as a Back to School read that encourages self love and acceptance.

Mr Tiger Goes Wild Review

In this story, Mr Tiger gets tired of being so proper. He decides to try something crazy and gets down on all fours. He feels better walking around that way. Then he decides to really go wild and strips off all of his clothes! His friends think that if he wants to be wild, he should go live in the wilderness. So he does and it's lovely, until Mr Tiger starts to miss his friends and city. He wants to go home. When he finally gets back to the city, he is welcomed with open arms and discovers that his friends have become more accepting. They even begin to go wild themselves. This book has so much goodness! First of all, the illustrations are as incredible as you would expect from Peter Brown. All kids rebel in a way but the rebellion in this book is such a positive rebellion. It's about being true to yourself which can sometimes go against the norms of society. It's about being a leader and walking your own path, even if that path is alone. And finally it's about transformation, not just of Mr Tiger, but how his actions led his peers to open their minds. What a beautiful message for the next generation.

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