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'The Moon And Me' by Anna Sprage Boyter

Life can be unsettled at times. My life certainly has been the past few years. Through big and small changes- a move, starting a new school or class, parents divorcing, a new sibling, or perhaps the loss of a loved one- it's comforting for a child to know some things, no matter where they are or who they are with, will always be the same. The moon is one of those steadfast friends and this board book is a lyrical reminder of that.

The Moon and Me Book Review

This self-published work of art and love was born out of coping with grief. The author, Anna Sprage Boyter, lost her father. She decided to honor him by creating an illustrated version of a song he sang to her and her brother when they were kids. The words to this book are the song's lyrics. Anna had the support of her husband and her brother while creating this book, and the careful attention to detail is evident on every page. Life is tragically fragile and a sad reality is that we cannot physically be around for our children forever. The moon can be, and so can the love, lessons, and songs we leave our children. What a touching reminder this book is. It's like a warm hug to put your child to sleep with. Her father must be so proud up there.

Hear Anna's father sing the song on an old recording and learn more at

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