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'How to Track a Truck' by Jason Carter Eaton and John Rocco

Parents of truck lovers! You need this book.

How to Track a Truck Review

In 'How to Track a Truck' we learn how to capture our very own truck to keep as a pet- because it would be silly to walk into a pet store and ask for one. We think about how to choose the perfect truck for our home. A car carrier, for example, wouldn't be best for apartment living. We discover where to find the type of trucks we want. Then we learn how to lure them in with helpful 'jobs' like moving dirt. We even learn the international truck symbol- which will bring you back to your own childhood. Hold up a fist and pull down twice. "Honk! Honk!" Then after catching and caring for our new pet truck, we see the magic that happens once we let our truck play with other trucks. This book has brilliant illustrations and a storyline that gives us a chance to see so many different types of trucks in action. We've probably read this one oh about 1000x or so since we've had it. It's the current book that I'm woken up with in the mornings before my eyes are fully open by my son handing it to me (or shoving it in my face) asking me to "read book." That means it's his absolute favorite right now. Anyone else familiar with that type of morning wake up?! 😂Clearly my sleep and I have a reason to have a little grudge against this book- but I don't. I STILL love it. It's that good.

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