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'Shine' by Patrick McDonnell and Naoko Stoop

Poor Little Hoshi is a star stuck in the sea. She desperately wants to be shining among the twinkling stars in the night sky, who live beside colorful planets. Instead she is destined for the sea, living beside colorful coral. Her unique and interesting friends try to get her to see the endless possibilities right where she is, but it is no use. Little Hoshi can only imagine the endless possibilities she is missing by not shining up in the sky. Little Hoshi sinks lower and lower literally and figuratively until she is in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. There, Little Hoshi discovers another shining star that isn't a star at all- it's a fish! Little Hoshi learns that this fish shines from the inside, and discovers that she can too. After her journey, Little Hoshi returns to her home with a new perspective, happiness in her heart, and she is finally able to shine!

Review of 'Shine' by Patrick McDonnell and Naoko Stoop

'Shine' by Patrick McDonnell and Naoko Stoop is a great summer, beachy read that empowers our children to take control of their happiness. Unfortunately depression affects many children. Those who have struggled or are struggling with depression know what a personal journey it can be. This book does a brilliant job explaining just how trapped one can feel when depressed and how ultimately healing is a journey that one must make within one's self. ❤️

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