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'Penguins Love Colors' by Sarah Aspinall

'Penguins Love Colors' by Sarah Aspinall

Six little penguins, each named after a colorful flower, want to make their mama something special. Their mama loves colors just as much as they do, hence their names. The little penguins decide to paint a picture to their mama's delight. Do you think the little penguins got messy?

Paints, baths, and snuggles make this bright and cheery story great for toddlers. My two year old has been in a phase where he loves to name the colors of everything he sees and proudly shouts out each color that fills these vibrant pages. The way each color gets its own spread of pages makes this book a wonderful tool for learning. The book is written with loads of fun questions for your budding little artist, making it a delight to read and great for group story times. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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