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'Penguins Love Their ABC's' by Sarah Aspinall

Penguins Love Their ABC's by Sarah Aspinall

Calling all preschool parents! This is an awesome, new ABC book from Sarah Aspinall that you should consider adding to your home library. If you haven't yet had a chance to get your hands on 'Penguins Love Colors,' then let me introduce you to 6 little penguins named Tulip, Tiger Lilly, Dandelion, Bluebell, Violet, and Broccoli who LOVE their mama penguin. In this ABC book, mama penguin sets up a fun, learning game for her little penguins. She buries all the letters of the alphabet in the snow and places a clue to each on top. Can the penguins figure out which letter is underneath each object? Can YOU? In Aspinall's engaging and interactive style, your preschooler will join right along with the Penguins on their scavenger hunt. Does anyone else love reading the dedications in books? Some books have really moving or even funny messages in their dedications. I just love reading them. This particular book's stood out to me. It is dedicated to Aspinall's parents, who hid hundreds of eggs in their garden for their children to seek each year giving them the gift of feverish excitement for over two decades. In addition to being a wonderful learning tool for your children, this book, and Aspinall's sweet dedication, are great reminders to sprinkle a bit of wonder and magic in surprising places. If you want to see more Penguins Love, check out my review of Penguins Love Colors. Both books are very much loved by us.

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